• In 2013, AMOVA GmbH, a subsidiary of SMS group had a large workshop with experts from different levels to identify capabilities for the automatic movement and storage of heavy loads in industry. Where could these capabilities also be used and deployed in other industries. The idea came up to develop concepts for containers and to talk to terminal operators in ports.
  • In parallel DP World were looking for firms who were introducing vertical storage concepts and started a tender process. Leading engineering firms but also companies that store cars in buildings in multi-level parking facilities were contacted.
  • Right at the end of the tendering process, AMOVA came in with its idea of reaching out to terminal operators in order to apply the BOXBAY concept. It was the perfect combination. Without finishing the tender process both parties entered into a contract for an engineering study in 2016.
  • Throughout 2017, both parties became increasingly interested in the concept, producing different iterations of the model through to 2018. Ultimately a joint venture was set up in 2018, which was signed off in October that year.
  • As part of this process, a proof of concept (POC) was created. DP World not only had the finance but also the land available at its Jebel Ali terminal in Dubai to build the concept and to see live just how good it really was.
  • A lot of key performance indicators (KPI) about performance, reliability, maintainability, and energy consumption were set up front. In 2019 the detailed design was completed and the necessary permits were obtained. The construction process started.
  • January 2021 the installation was completed and running and the testing program focusing on the KPIs begun. Each KPI was successfully tested.